søndag den 10. november 2013

Fall = Layers, Baby

 Selected coat, H&M cardi, vintage button down, 2nd hand shlip, DM shoes

SEW, to follow up on the Photo Booth (PB from now on) narcissism that took place two days ago, here is the full thing that I did wear + more PB narcissism (hey, it's okay). Can't believe I wore two silk things at once. I am practicing my layering techniques, 'cause I didn't do it very well last year and got pretty cold a lot of the time. This is the year for change!
Got a new coat, it's black and woollen with quilted leather accents, which is pretty decent. I like wool, I dig leather, I lap up quilted leather. It's just a good coat, kids. It's not that thick and warm as "woollen coat" indicates, BUT it is still fall, thank god. I'm hoping to get a pretty killar proper winter coat this weekend if I can be arsed. To cover up my arms properly, I put on this really shitty H&M cardigan. It looks alright, but it's so bad and torn and satan 'cause it's mad old. Also, it's really thin and doesn't really do that much for heat either (notice a recurring theme in my clothing), so I gotta get a proper black, warm cardigan down for winter. I tried to add colour today with the vintage Dior shirt to make things a little interesting. Not sure it's worked 100%, but it definitely made me feel less naked, 'cause this slip is like wearing sex. It's fuckin silk and low cut and short and if that wasn't enough, there's a little slit in each side to get as much thigh exposure as possible. Which I don't really mind, but the weather doesn't allow for this to happen constantly. It was actually given to me from my mum's friend a couple of years ago... Strange. Can't wait for the summer so I can wear it with nothing and feel NEKKID!~

Hope they play this song on Wednesday aksjgksjahg so stoked. Gonna buy a tee (:

fredag den 8. november 2013

søndag den 3. november 2013

Instant Star

H&M oversize cardigan, vintage blouse, Topshop skirt, Underground Creepers, vintage leather jacket

Again, another old outfit because it's getting mad dark in Copenhagen. There is literally no light in the morning, when I'd usually take posey pictures. Was rocking it with this other vintage shirt that I bought in Beijing back in the day. It's got the best front and collar details, but I forgot to rape my photobooth on that day, another time. Am sad to announce that the era of my leather jacket has once again come to an end. BUT I got a pretty killer fall coat a while ago, so yeh, look out for it.

"I'm an instant star, just add water and stir" - David Bowie

mandag den 28. oktober 2013

Can We Talk About This?: Lou Reed

A total musical legend and poet extraordinaire passed yesterday.
My friend told me yesterday and I spent all night listening to Velvet Underground and his solo stuff. My whole tumblr dash was just full of black and white pictures as well as fans crying. I still feel really strange and melancholic. Lou's always been on my list with Bowie and Iggy and all the other legends that are actually still alive and the fact that he's dead now makes me miserable. It's so different from artists that are already dead when you get to know them, where you can be all "oh damn, I wish they'd lived longer, wonder what they would've done." And then there's artists that are still alive and they're basically these far away glowy creatures. And then one of them dies, and you think about what you could potentially have been doing while fucking LOU REED took his last breath. Maybe I was on my way home or eating an apple in the kitchen, probably doing something super menial. It's really strange to think about.

Ugly cry picture with my Transformer record </3
The summer in between 9th and 10th grade I listened almost exclusively to The Velvets. A lot had happened to me in 9th grade and I was pretty emotionally damaged for a lot of reasons and I'd just listen to their first three albums all the goddamn time. I've basically been pretty infatuated with the VU and the factory days for a while and this feels eerie.

Candy came from out on the island
In the backroom she was everybody's darlin'
But she never lost her head
Even when she was giving head
She says, "hey babe, take a walk on the wild side"

torsdag den 24. oktober 2013

There's more to the picture/Than meets the eye

 Vintage leather jacket, vintage shirt, Diesel jeans, Underground creepers

This is sort of an old outfit type thing that I took pictures of ages ago. Outlet jeans forever. Still rocking the middle part from time to time. The shirt is an old favourite I bought in a great vintage store in the hutongs in Beijing. Beijing is actually pretty rife with good vintage shops that feel really genuine. My personal favourite will forever me Mega Mega Vintage, a fuckin gem.
School has been mad crazy (still is, but I'm taking a well deserved break from work), anyone taking the IB will agree that right now is hell. And the next couple of months will be as well, BUT THEN IT WILL ALL BE OVER! I'm in the midst of writing my extended essay and crying because universities. I've made a very pivotal decision recently to study fine arts after my gap year, which is scary and really exciting, because I never had the confidence before to even consider it. Related, I've started a sort of art sketchbook type tumblr, mainly because I can. I call it Gritty Grimy Artist and I mostly post pages from my many sketchbooks. If I get more into it I might post some serious pieces that I do for school, but I like the idea of sharing a sketchbook because it's much more raw and simple compared to things that are well thought out. Sketches are also quite personal as well, let's all share and stuff.

Have some Neil Young live action, it is so so good.

onsdag den 9. oktober 2013

Wave of Mutilation

Thrifted jacket/top, Cheap Monday jeans - me trying to emulate my Buzzcocks poster

The transition from mirror pics to timer pics happened pretty abruptly.
I really wanted to wear this jacket but then I was all "oh god shirts shirts shirts" and I got stressed so I just decided to wear my jacket as a shirt, hooray. You can solve anything in life through cutting some corners, I swear. Got the jacket in some 2nd hand shop in Sydney for something like 5 Aus $$$ nearly two years ago, total steal.

Also, guess who's going to see Pixies next month, HELL YES IT'S ME

fredag den 13. september 2013

I Wanna Buy You a Cadillac~

 UO Bowie top cut to shreds, vintage belt, H&M pants, Topshop shews
 Photo Boothin' with Sid, Mr. Rotten and The Cure.. and Bowie on my belly
 Brand new cheap shoes in Topshop.. y'know, found on sale on those plastic shoe hangers instead of at the display
Also, another Topshop lipstick. This time much vampy-er and darker and called Depth

I ditched the middle parting for a side one again, but don't fret, it will return. I shanghaied my mum into buying this top for me this summer and then I cut off the sleeves probably down to around where my ribs end and right above my bra on the back. The front looks wonderfully and deceivingly whole. The pants are my old choir cigarettes from 10th grade, but man, are they huge around the waist. I force them up with this belt from my work place woooo cost me close to no money. Got new shoes from Topshop that are very Jeffrey Campbell rip-off-esque with the cutouts. However, while I dig a nice Coltrane boot as much as the next woman, me being cheap and poor (the best combination, in my opinion... except for being able to throw around money x being filthy rich) doesn't agree. So I got these instead, BUT THIS CHICK AT SCHOOL TOTALLY ASKED ME IF THEY WERE THE REAL DEAL AND I WAS LIKE "PHYEAH I WISH" and then I burst into tears because I am poor.

Have some Bolan.