onsdag den 28. august 2013

You're Gonna Miss Me, Baby

 Notorious mirror shots
DIY croptop, COS trousers, studded lowtop DMs
DMs on public transport 
Notorious photo booth shots
Lipstick from Wet N Wild in Dark Wine (wouldn't that just be red wine? is white wine now called light wine and rosé medium wine? what is the point of that "dark"?)

I borrowed my mum's light gray, baggy trousers today, because I saw her wear them yesterday and I was all "damn girl, I got to get on that." We wear the same size, but we're in different ends of the spectrum of the trusty size 36, as in these are not as baggy on her. While it sounds kind of awful that I'm the same size as my mum, let's remember that she is an Asian woman with tiny bones, whereas I have inherited my dad's Scandi physique, ergo I have huge bones (harhar). There is always a reason. Also, it's pretty sweet 'cause I can rape her wardrobe as well has my own.
Have a lovely day, kittens.

mandag den 26. august 2013

J'Dior You, J'Can't Get Enough of You

vintage Dior shirt (oh god, kill me), Topshop skater skirt

Wore my vintage Dior today, fuck I'm so posh. Realising it's probably a man's shirt, 'cause the buttons are on the right. But no matter, it's like they say, they're not men's or women's clothes, they're my clothes.
I don't wear any other make up than lipstick these days. This one is Inhibition from Topshop and it's my favourite right now. I also borrow my mum's Razzberry from Bobbi Brown and I get my other ones in supermarkets and drug stores because BARGAINS. Choker chain type thing is bought second hand. Feast your eyes on an E! True Hollywood Story teenage bedroom. I live in filth and I like it.

This week, have a listen to Don't Lie To Me by Big Star.

HD is for squares

This skirt was bought from my work place for 20 DKK with my discount, I made the croptop from an old tshirt I bought on a fieldtrip in 9th grade or something in a tiny province in China (I think it was Mao Zedong's hometown?). Lace bralet is from Urban Outfitters, as are the studded platform sandals. I really dig a bralet and a croptop, especially this croptop because of it's more childish and simple shape. I feel like the black lace brings it up a notch when I wave to people.

søndag den 25. august 2013

Black and White and Bowie

I want to talk for a minute about our friend and saviour, David Bowie. David Bowie is great because he's unapologetic. If he wants to wear a dress and lounge on a loveseat, so help him, he will. David Bowie helps me in a lot of ways. He helps me dance in my room, but he also helps me dress. He helps me put on purple lipstick and platforms. He helps me ignore people who stare and to laugh when people call me a slut (most of them joke, but hey, it still cuts a bit). The great hair, the ever-present cigarette, Bowie will always have a special place in my heart. He looked crazy snazzy in '72 and painfully sharp in '76 and he makes me care less about what other people think.

Why I work for free...

 4 records (Culture Club, Dodo and the Dodos, 2x Dire Straits), plain white shirt, vintage Dior shirt (yes, I know, the second hand life is g), nude slip skirt.
... and why it rules me super hard.
Basically, I take the IB, which means I have to work for free because CAS because school. Other international kids will know exactly what a pain in the balls it is. BUT one of my working for free things is working at a place called Kirkens Korshær in Copenhagen, which is like a Red Cross shop. I work for four hours on whichever Saturdays I have time with some pretty nice people and I get half off on all stuff (and stuff is already pretty cheap). However, the biggest perk is getting to look at things before they go into the store and other people can buy them. Yesterday, someone brought in this zippo in a box full of other stuff and my co-worked and I went "O:" and she let me have it. FOR FREE, because "we do that sometimes here."Also, the Dior shirt came in a trash bag that I looked through. Also, I paid 7.5 DKK for the records, because there were 3 for 10 and 1 for 5. I bought 4, which would be 15 DKK, but I get half off because I work ergo life is great.
So my biggest advice to anyone who wants to save money on clothes is to get a similar job. People clean out their wardrobes and toes all the time, and if you're there right when the action happens, you'll get a super sah-weet deal.

In the morning/don't say you love me

Ignore the face pl0x, it's been a long week

I like to keep things forever, because I know I'll use them again. This plan black crop top used to be a really long tank top I bought in the 8th grade fro Izzue in Beijing, but I cut it and now it goes with all my high waisted shit. Yeah, being nifty. Pants are vintage Levi's (I think they''re 550s?) bought in my favourite Danish vintage shop, Episode, belt is from a secondhand shop where I do volunteer work (more on that later, it's probably the biggest source of clothing I get that makes my bank account not want to kill itself), shoes are studded DM lowtops bought on sale.

tirsdag den 20. august 2013


I like dressing up for school, otherwise I find myself infinitely bored. A lot of people are all "woah, so fancy," or "you look kind of slutty," but I do what I want, man.
Most people probably know that clever trick of taking an old pair of leggings, cutting a hole in the crotch and using them as a shirt. It's one of my favourite things to do for cheap people. Also, old H&M denim jackets bought for 50 DKK a couple of years ago that is still useable today are pretty sweet. I need to do my nails and pointy Underground creepers have improved my life in some way, I swear, especially when I bought them on sale... Is me being stingy reinforcing the stereotype that Asians are cheap?

mandag den 19. august 2013

Photo Booth Wardrobe

Photo Booth Wardrobe is the documentation of a gritty teenager trying to dress well in one of the most expensive cities in the world, yours truly, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Getting friends to pierce the cartilage of my ear, buying everything used or on sale, conning my parents into buying me things around once a year are all methods I employ to balance my economy in a place where a bottle of water can cost nearly 5 USD, guys. It's severe.
Photo Booth is the low of the low; youtubers apologize for using it because their iPhones ran out of battery. I am therefore using it, along with my beaten up Samsung phone, to take pictures of my wardrobe.
Pictures above: sketchy Chinese shirt with The Clash bought on taobao.com during my Beijing years for probably close to no money, Cheap Monday skirt bought on sale for 35 DKK (that's like 6.264 of da $$$, kids!), studded Dr. Martens low tops bought half off (750 DKK. I know, I know. I saved up.), assorted hoarded jewelry I've come by over the years, prices ranging from 0-100 DKK.