mandag den 19. august 2013

Photo Booth Wardrobe

Photo Booth Wardrobe is the documentation of a gritty teenager trying to dress well in one of the most expensive cities in the world, yours truly, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Getting friends to pierce the cartilage of my ear, buying everything used or on sale, conning my parents into buying me things around once a year are all methods I employ to balance my economy in a place where a bottle of water can cost nearly 5 USD, guys. It's severe.
Photo Booth is the low of the low; youtubers apologize for using it because their iPhones ran out of battery. I am therefore using it, along with my beaten up Samsung phone, to take pictures of my wardrobe.
Pictures above: sketchy Chinese shirt with The Clash bought on during my Beijing years for probably close to no money, Cheap Monday skirt bought on sale for 35 DKK (that's like 6.264 of da $$$, kids!), studded Dr. Martens low tops bought half off (750 DKK. I know, I know. I saved up.), assorted hoarded jewelry I've come by over the years, prices ranging from 0-100 DKK.

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