fredag den 13. september 2013

I Wanna Buy You a Cadillac~

 UO Bowie top cut to shreds, vintage belt, H&M pants, Topshop shews
 Photo Boothin' with Sid, Mr. Rotten and The Cure.. and Bowie on my belly
 Brand new cheap shoes in Topshop.. y'know, found on sale on those plastic shoe hangers instead of at the display
Also, another Topshop lipstick. This time much vampy-er and darker and called Depth

I ditched the middle parting for a side one again, but don't fret, it will return. I shanghaied my mum into buying this top for me this summer and then I cut off the sleeves probably down to around where my ribs end and right above my bra on the back. The front looks wonderfully and deceivingly whole. The pants are my old choir cigarettes from 10th grade, but man, are they huge around the waist. I force them up with this belt from my work place woooo cost me close to no money. Got new shoes from Topshop that are very Jeffrey Campbell rip-off-esque with the cutouts. However, while I dig a nice Coltrane boot as much as the next woman, me being cheap and poor (the best combination, in my opinion... except for being able to throw around money x being filthy rich) doesn't agree. So I got these instead, BUT THIS CHICK AT SCHOOL TOTALLY ASKED ME IF THEY WERE THE REAL DEAL AND I WAS LIKE "PHYEAH I WISH" and then I burst into tears because I am poor.

Have some Bolan.

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