mandag den 28. oktober 2013

Can We Talk About This?: Lou Reed

A total musical legend and poet extraordinaire passed yesterday.
My friend told me yesterday and I spent all night listening to Velvet Underground and his solo stuff. My whole tumblr dash was just full of black and white pictures as well as fans crying. I still feel really strange and melancholic. Lou's always been on my list with Bowie and Iggy and all the other legends that are actually still alive and the fact that he's dead now makes me miserable. It's so different from artists that are already dead when you get to know them, where you can be all "oh damn, I wish they'd lived longer, wonder what they would've done." And then there's artists that are still alive and they're basically these far away glowy creatures. And then one of them dies, and you think about what you could potentially have been doing while fucking LOU REED took his last breath. Maybe I was on my way home or eating an apple in the kitchen, probably doing something super menial. It's really strange to think about.

Ugly cry picture with my Transformer record </3
The summer in between 9th and 10th grade I listened almost exclusively to The Velvets. A lot had happened to me in 9th grade and I was pretty emotionally damaged for a lot of reasons and I'd just listen to their first three albums all the goddamn time. I've basically been pretty infatuated with the VU and the factory days for a while and this feels eerie.

Candy came from out on the island
In the backroom she was everybody's darlin'
But she never lost her head
Even when she was giving head
She says, "hey babe, take a walk on the wild side"

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