torsdag den 24. oktober 2013

There's more to the picture/Than meets the eye

 Vintage leather jacket, vintage shirt, Diesel jeans, Underground creepers

This is sort of an old outfit type thing that I took pictures of ages ago. Outlet jeans forever. Still rocking the middle part from time to time. The shirt is an old favourite I bought in a great vintage store in the hutongs in Beijing. Beijing is actually pretty rife with good vintage shops that feel really genuine. My personal favourite will forever me Mega Mega Vintage, a fuckin gem.
School has been mad crazy (still is, but I'm taking a well deserved break from work), anyone taking the IB will agree that right now is hell. And the next couple of months will be as well, BUT THEN IT WILL ALL BE OVER! I'm in the midst of writing my extended essay and crying because universities. I've made a very pivotal decision recently to study fine arts after my gap year, which is scary and really exciting, because I never had the confidence before to even consider it. Related, I've started a sort of art sketchbook type tumblr, mainly because I can. I call it Gritty Grimy Artist and I mostly post pages from my many sketchbooks. If I get more into it I might post some serious pieces that I do for school, but I like the idea of sharing a sketchbook because it's much more raw and simple compared to things that are well thought out. Sketches are also quite personal as well, let's all share and stuff.

Have some Neil Young live action, it is so so good.

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